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A black and white photo of a stone building on a rocky, snowy slope.
Historic photo of Camp Muir from the Mount Rainier National Park archives.

NPS Archives

Archaeology - Archaeologists at Mount Rainier study human use on the mountain spanning at least 9,000 years, from prehistoric people to the history of the current National Park.

Collections - Museum collections and artifacts, archives, and other history resources.

Creating the Wonderland Trail - Learn the early history of the iconic trail encircling Mount Rainier for more than 100 years.

Resources & Publications
WONDERLAND: An Administrative History of Mount Rainier National Park by Theodore Catton, May 1996 (pdf)

Nature Notes - Publications on a variety of topics produced by park naturalists between 1924-1939 and 1984-1989. Includes original text and images for over 100 editions.

NPS History E-Library - The NPS History Program provides online electronic editions of studies covering a wide array of new, rare, and hard-to-find materials about our parks, including Mount Rainier, as well as the National Park Service.

NPS Cultural Landscapes - A cultural landscape is a geographic area, including both cultural and natural resources, associated with an historic event, activity, or person; or exhibiting other cultural or aesthetic values. The site provides feature stories on cultural landscapes in NPS units, including Mount Rainier National Park.

Highways in Harmony - A history of Mount Rainier's roads, bridges, and transportation system.

The Development of Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail, 1907-1939 by Paul Sadin, Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History, Winter 1999-2000, Vol. 13, No. 4 (pdf)

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