As a spiritual and cultural icon of the Pacific Northwest, Mount Rainier offers students clues to its tumultuous past while providing a place of beauty, solace, challenge, and hope for the future. Whether a field trip to this quintessential Cascade volcano or educational materials to bring stories of the Mountain alive, Mount Rainier has something for every student. The park also offers free education workshops each year, combining instruction, activities, and curriculum development for teachers.

Telescopic binoculars on a stand look through a large picture window towards a mountain peak.

Distance Learning

Join us from home or school for virtual field trips to Mount Rainier. We would love to connect with you and your students!

A student in a red hoody draws plants while sitting next to a log.

Curriculum Materials

Find lesson plans on volcanoes, weather, ecology, and more.

A ranger leads a line of students on snowshoes across a hillside underneath Mount Rainier.

Plan A Field Trip

Learn in the field! From nature walks to snowshoe treks, take lessons to the next level with an education program in the park.

A ring of teachers in safety goggles hold soda bottles spouting foam

Teacher Workshops

These interdisciplinary workshops combine instruction, activities, field sessions, curriculum development and more.

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