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A winter landscape of snow and ice of the Missouri river with a bridge and town in the background.
Periodic snowstorms during the winter can lead to icy roads and bridges. Image of the Discovery Bridge with the town of Yankton, South Dakota in the background.

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Most of the roads around the river corridor are paved; however, many of the roads leading to river accesses are gravel. These gravel roads can become very slippery and muddy in spring or after heavy rains. The routes to the river accesses are often hilly and winding. Use caution when driving on them. Please use caution and be alert for slow moving farm vehicles, regardless of the season.

Winter Season
In winter, many township roads are not cleared and may be blocked by drifts several feet high; do not attempt to drive these roads, even with four wheel drive. Even on major highways before setting out be sure to check at the links below for the latest driving conditions.

Weather Related Closures
Road conditions can change rapidly during periods of inclement weather. Closures are usually short in duration and are dictated either by the current weather conditions or ongoing road construction. At times during the winter no travel may be advised.


Don't Drive Impaired!
The river corridor's roads are heavily traveled. They can be unforgiving for a careless driver; or worse, for a driver whose mental state is compromised by alcohol or drugs. Every year, several alcohol-related fatalities occur within the park.

Avoid Collisions with Animals
Watch for animals crossing roads, especially at night. Scores of deer and other animals are killed by vehicles every year, resulting in severe vehicle damage and sometimes injury to drivers and passengers. Following posted speed limits will reduce your chances of hitting wildlife.

Gas Stations
There are multiple gas stations and other related services available at towns along the river corridor.

Emergency Number
In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Don't Trust Your Vehicle Navigation System/GPS
Vehicle Navigation Systems and GPS units may provide inaccurate information, sending drivers the wrong way on one-way roads or leading them to dead ends in remote areas. Please see Directions for more information!

Other Travel Tips

  • Dress comfortably according to the weather; summers are hot and humid and bitterly cold during the winter.
  • Wear walking shoes.
  • In summer heat, drink plenty of liquids.
  • In winter driving conditions always travel with an emergency travel kit which should include at least a couple of blankets and candles.
  • Bring camera for scenic pictures.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Enjoy your visit to Missouri National Recreational River!

Last updated: August 31, 2021

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