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Tiger Salamander at Coldwater Spring

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Follow the work and adventures of biological technicians (biotechs) for the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.

Rearing monarchs, pollinator plantings and a turkey nest!

August 24, 2015 Posted by: Ranger Gullickson

Raising monarchs from tiny eggs to butterflies, native pollinator plantings, and a turkey nest! Just some of the cool things the Biotechs are doing lately while working at Coldwater Spring.


What's in Bloom at Coldwater Spring

July 13, 2015 Posted by: Kadie Gullickson

July wildflowers in full bloom at Coldwater Spring


Not a Drop to Spare!

September 06, 2012 Posted by: Oliver Liu

Water is the greatest, and most important resource to this State as well as Park. In this post we discuss how the uses of the water resources at Coldwater have changed as well as mention how Park Service staff are out at Coldwater collecting data!


The Importance of a Good Hat - A Reflection by Chinou

August 24, 2012 Posted by: Chinou, Matthew Jorgenson

Have you ever seen a Bottle Gentian?  It blooms in late summer (right now as a matter of fact) to early fall.  It's a late comer to nature's color palate, but none the less just as interesting and beautiful as any other wildflower.  Finally, Chinou's reflection is up for all eyes to see, much like the Bottle Gentian; and as he points out, a good hat is always a precious asset when tackling the tasks of resource management.


Vision for the Future

August 23, 2012 Posted by: Tamberlain Jacobs

Since the old Bureau of Mines buildings were torn down last winter, Coldwater Springs has essentially been a rather bleak, sterile construction site with an abundance of invasive exotics species.  This post shows what we can expect in the years to come from all the species that have helped make Coldwater such a special place.


Blinded with Science!!! (Part II)

August 10, 2012 Posted by: Matthew Jorgenson

The continuation of our previous post looking at the impact which Common Buckthorn has when left to grow unchecked.  It's filled with colorful graphs and numbers and stuff... it barely counts as real science but it's still informative.


Blinded with Science!!! (Part I)

August 03, 2012 Posted by: Matthew Jorgenson

This week we start an educational experiment with our YCC crew to better understand how ecological perspectives allow scientists to measure and explain the world around them.  In our case, we say the invasive Buckthorn has a negative impact for native habitats but how do we use to measure what we see in order to support that claim?  We will do real data collection, serious mathematical calculations, and published research comparison - for a science geek, it's a dream come true!


A Sense of Place - Thoughts from Greg Anderson

July 26, 2012 Posted by: Greg Anderson, Matthew Jorgenson

Greg, our Teacher-Ranger-Teacher, spent some time reflecting on the health of Coldwater and the significance of the threat invasives pose to both Coldwater and ourselves; and in that context, there is more to restoring Coldwater than simply making it a beautiful place.


Full Circle - A reflection by Noushee

July 23, 2012 Posted by: Noushee, Matthew Jorgenson

This is the third of four reflections by our YCC crew.  Noushee explains the insight he has gained on what really makes restoration projects work - the people and their love of the task needing to be done.  As of this posting, Noushee has unfortunately needed to leave the YCC crew because of personal obligations but we hope to see him again in the future!


Bit by Bit - A reflection by Connie

July 23, 2012 Posted by: Connie, Matthew Jorgenson

Yet another short essay which I asked the Youth Conservation Corps to write to help us get to know them better.  Connie sees water as an important resource and wants to make a difference through hydrology and clean water - pretty cool!


Tips for backyard invasives

July 20, 2012 Posted by: Oliver Liu

Here are 3 simple tips you can follow to keep the invasive threat at bay; it's not just for parks!


Chasing Butterflies - A reflection by Abbey

July 19, 2012 Posted by: Abbey, Matthew Jorgenson

This is a reflection essay I ask the YCC Crew to write so that we could get to know them a little better - I simply asked them to tell me about themselves in relation to the natural world around them.


Ready, Set, Go!!!

July 12, 2012 Posted by: Tamberlain Jacobs, Matthew Jorgenson

New names, new faces.  Coldwater continues Summer 2012 with our goal of restoring the Coldwater Springs site to oak savanna.


Prairie Restorations, Inc joins the party!

July 18, 2012 Posted by: Matthew Jorgenson

Progress continues with us knocking out several of the pesky non-native species at Coldwater while Prairie Restorations, Inc joins us to help with the savanna seeding.


Ready, Set, Go!!!

July 18, 2012 Posted by: Tamberlain Jacobs, Matthew Jorgenson

New names and new faces.  Coldwater resumes its blog with a full crew of 8 personnel, tackling the ever present challenges of a new park restoration site.


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