Chasing Butterflies - A reflection by Abbey

July 19, 2012 Posted by: Abbey, Matthew Jorgenson

           My mother constantly told me, “Don’t go following the butterflies. You know that’s how kids disappear or get kidnapped!” No matter how many times she told me that, I still followed the butterflies. Only until I knew that I was too far or my mother shouted my name did I ever stop and turn back around. I never truly understood why I followed them; I just knew I was bound to find something magical.

           There is only a few times where I have peeked into the land of the butterflies’. Now, before I get too deep into the whereabouts of these places, understand that the places of the butterflies aren’t just where butterflies live and dwell, but a place full of life and peace because that’s what the butterflies have always been interpreted to me. Everyday, I yearn more and more to find the place of the butterflies’ and I’m hoping where I’m headed now will lead me there.

           Before I got my job at Coldwater Spring Park, I worked at the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) as a Mississippi River Green Team member, and I specialized in environmental projects that the MPRB assigned for us to do or pulling invasives along the Mississippi River. Before that, I worked at the MPRB but as a Teen Team Works member under the STEP-UP program. Before any of this though, I was a shy-adventurous butterfly chaser. These jobs involve the environment, making the world a better place to live in, and it’s a way for me to find the place of the butterflies’.

           Although, I haven’t found the place of the butterflies’ world, and only so often have I ever peeked into their world. When I do find it, I don’t want to be the only one there by myself; I want others to also see this world too-even if it is for only a moment. Throughout my environmental careers, I have captured glimpses of the butterflies’ world-the place full of life and freedom-and Coldwater Spring Park is one of them. With my career at Coldwater Spring Park, I plan to show the world what I have seen, a glimpse of the butterflies’ world.

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