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British soldiers in red coats engage fire at close range with colonial militiamen in an open agricultural landscape
The British Regulars began the 18 mile march from Concord, back to Boston, at about noon on April 19, 1775. There had been fighting in Lexington at dawn that morning where the first colonists were killed. The next engagement was at Concord's North Bridge where the first British soldiers died. The worst was yet to come as thousands of militiamen hastened to the area to fight the British Regulars along the road to Boston. That road, the old Bay Road, is known today as the Battle Road.

Original painting by John Rush


Battle Road: April 19, 1775

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Concord's North Bridge

At roughly 9:30 a.m. colonial minute men and militia from the towns of Acton, Concord, Bedford and Lincoln, over 400 men, advanced to the North Bridge which was then held by 96 British soldiers. The ensuing exchange of fire resulted in the first British deaths of the war. It was also the first time colonial soldiers were ordered by their officers to fire upon British soldiers.

Meriam's Corner

Meriam's Corner is the site where the Battle Road begins. It is where April 19 went from a day of a couple of small violent skirmishes to becoming a running 16 mile long battle which became the opening salvo in a war which would last eight years.

The Fight in the Lincoln Woods (Bloody Angle)

Following the skirmish at Meriam's Corner, the now embattled British column continued east on the road towards the safety of Boston, more than 16 miles awa! At a wooded bend in the road, militia companies from several towns were preparing to take advantage of the landscape to attack the British column in what would be one of the most violent engagements of the day.

Parker's Revenge: Discovering Lexington's Lost Battlefield

Between 2012 and 2016 Minute Man NHP, in partnership with the Friends of Minute Man National Park, NPS Northeast Region Archaeology Division, and community partners and volunteers, conducted a historical and archaeological investigation to solve a centuries-old mystery.

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