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Welcome to the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site multimedia page. Featured is a new 12-stop podcast tour of historic Jackson Ward, where Maggie Walker lived from 1905 to 1934. The tour is narrated by Richmond historian Elvatrice Belsches, introducing you to the people and institutions of a remarkable community that flourished during Mrs. Walker's lifetime and has been declared a National Historic Landmark. Be sure also to download the map of the podcast tour before you head out on your trip.

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Historic Jackson Ward podcast tour Click the link to listen now. (28 mb)
About the podcast: Jackson Ward in the early 20th century was the largest African American community in Richmond and a nationally important center of African American cultural and economic activity. This 12-stop walking tour of the Jackson Ward National Historic Landmark District showcases the important people and places that earned for the area its reputation as the "Harlem of the South" and the "Black Wall Street of America." (Music provided by Library of Congress collections.)

Transcript of Historic Jackson Ward podcast (pdf)


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