Voting Program Activity #2

Political cartoon showing William Henry Harrison trapping Martin Van Buren in a log cabin
Political cartoons were common campaign ads!

Library of Congress

"The Race to Win"

Concept: Election Campaigns

Thank you for offering to share Ranger Time with a child in your life. To make on-line learning easy, follow the steps below.

1. Read: “Have You Ever Visited Lindenwald?”

2. Read: "The Campaign."
* An adult version of the story follows the chidlren's variation.

3. Read "Vote for Me!” by Ben Clanton (check your local library for a copy!)

4. Make a Martin Van Buren campaign token.

5. Check out Mortimer and Foxy's campaign platforms under 'The Election' at:

6. Make a campaign sign supporting either Mortimer or Foxy.

Last updated: December 22, 2020

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