"I Voted!" - Ranger Time Election Program

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The Martin Van Buren National Historic Site is excited to offer 'I Voted!' as part of their Ranger Time series designed for children pre-k to kindergarten.

This at-home program introduces children to election campaigns and the voting process through the fictional presidential race between Mortimer the Turtle and Foxy the Fox.

Children will also enjoy hands-on activities and short lessons that bring to life the story of Martin Van Buren as a child in Kinderhook to President of the United States.

Families may download the materials necessary for the at-home activities by following the links below.


The Activities

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The program is broken up into three activity lessons using children’s books and fun crafts:

Activity 1: What does the President Do?

Activity 2: Presidential Campaigns

Activity 3: The Process of Voting


The Election


Mortimer the Turtle and Foxy the Fox have both decided they want to be President of Lindenwald!

Choosing the president of Lindenwald is a very important job. The best way to make a choice is to learn about what is important to the candidates and what they are promising to do. This is called their platform.

Read the platforms below belonging to both presidential candidates and decide for yourself who will do the best job.

Will you support Foxy or Mortimer?

A stuffed turtle with a sign reading "Vote Mortimer - Slow and Steady Wins the Race!"
Mortimer values honesty, trust, and animal rights.

Mortimer's Platform

I’m Mortimer the Turtle and of the two of us I am the best choice for president of Lindenwald.

1. I do things slowly and correctly.
2. I am trustworthy.
3. I am kind.
4. I promise the bunnies at Lindenwald will always have carrots to eat.
5. My mommy thinks I’m cute.

Vote for me, Mortimer, the turtle – slow and steady will win the race!

A stuffed red fox with a sign saying "Vote Foxy - Fast and Friendly for the Next Four Years!"
Foxy values speed, friendliness, and ice cream.

Foxy's Platform

I’m Foxy, the Fox and I am the only one who would make a good president of Lindenwald.

1. I'm fast, this means I will get things done in the blink of an eye.

2. I can do tricks.

3. I make friends with everyone I meet.

4. I promise to make sure the Park Rangers at Lindenwald get all the ice cream they want.

5. My daddy thinks I am funny.

So, vote for me!
Foxy, Fast and friendly !

Last updated: December 22, 2020

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