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Explore the following at-home thematic lessons, organized by suggested age group, and learn about Martin Van Buren.

These activities are designed for at-home use, but teachers are welcome to adapt them for the classroom. See our curriculum materials page for more formal classroom learning.


Lindenwald Littles Learning Series: Pre-K to Kindergarten

Smiling little girl in Ranger Hat

Ranger Time

An Online, Interactive Program
for the Preschool – Kindergarten Set

Ranger Time is an on-line interactive themed program offering sensitively explained
age-appropriate lessons to help adults introduce:
Civics, American History and Martin Van Buren
to Preschool and Kindergarten age children.

Ranger Time 2021:

  1. The American Revolution
  2. The United States Constitution
  3. What Makes a Citizen? (Available Now).

A stuffed turtle and a stuffed fox sitting on a chair with campaign slogans

Ranger Time 2020:

"I Voted!" - Ranger Time Election

This program is designed to introduce children to elections, voting, and making important decisions through hands-on activities.
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Martin’s Masterminds: Grades 1 – 3.

A Trip Around the World Without Leaving Home

In this activity, you will "travel" to all seven continents to learn about challenges facing the Earth from all over the globe. You will get the chance to compare each challenge to a historical example from Martin Van Buren's time, and then complete an activity to learn how you can help keep our Earth healthy and clean.

Colorized sketch of a woman reading to two children

The Private World of Martin Van Buren

After Martin Van Buren’s loss for re-election as president, he returned to his boyhood village of Kinderhook, New York to be near those who knew and loved him. Learn more about his family and what life was like for him growing up.

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National Park Service Rangers: Preservationists of ‘Forever Moments.’

Learn more about how rangers working with the National Park Service (NPS) do research and write talks and tours through interactive activities.
Assorted Print Painting Lot
"Assorted Print-painting Lot"

Andrew Neel

"Can't Touch This"

Museums are fascinating places, and not just for adults, but for kids too!
Though, it’s not easy to visit some museums. There are so many exciting things to see and learn from, but often you are not allowed to touch the items on exhibit.

Have you ever wondered why you are not allowed to touch items in museums?
This program uses 5 hands-on activities and lessons to answer that question.

Activity 1: Has you break something only to try and put it back together.
Activity 2: Asks you think about something you've broken and what happened.
Activity 3: Video, "What If You Damaged Something In a Museum?"
Activity 4: "And, That's Why They Can't Have Nice Things."
Activity 5: "Erase His Face!" A lesson on Dagguerreotypes.
The End: Has you thinking what can be done to prevent damage.

Van Buren’s Scholars: 5th Grade – 8th Grade

A sketch of Martin Van Buren

Politics and Society in the Mid – 1800s

Politics and society during Martin Van Buren's time was very different than today. Explore the similarities and differences, and learn how the National Park Service preserves his legacy at Lindenwald.

Sketch of Van Buren smiling and holding a goblet

National Park Service

The Presidential Campaign of 1840

The 1840 presidential election between Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison paved the way for the political campaigns we have today. Find out what presidential campaigns were like in the mid-1800s.

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