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Sketch of a man (Henry Brown) emerging from a box while other men lift the lid

Henry ‘Box’ Brown: An Extraordinary Journey to Freedom’

A sensitive program introducing students to the history of enslavement in America through the courageous story of Henry “Box” Brown, a man who successfully sought freedom by mailing himself in a crate to Philadelphia.

Designed for upper elementary students (3rd to 5th grade)

The program consists of reading a book and completing thematic activities designed to fulfil national as well as New York State curriculum standards. The student will:

  • Read ‘Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad.’
  • Watch a clip from a play based on that harrowing journey.
  • Find and compare Henry’s size to the box he used to ship himself to Philadelphia.
  • Complete a brain teaser to help retain vocabulary words and definitions.
  • Write a short, thoughtful essay and create a photo collage on what freedom means to them.
  • Follow Henry’s journey to freedom with accompanying grammar exercises.
  • Discuss with an adult the essential questions.

Last updated: September 19, 2020

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