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Modern Colossus
A political cartoon from the 1848 presidential campaign.  Van Buren ran as the candidate of the Free Soil Party.  The cartoon depicts Van Buren trying to bridge the differences between Whigs and Democrats.

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Field trips, curriculum materials, professional development opportunities, and suggested reading can help teachers and their classes make Martin Van Buren National Historic Site an extension of their classrooms. Please explore the resources below and from the pull down menu above for current lesson plans, worksheets and activities.

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Whig Campaign Token
Here President Van Buren enjoys some champagne, but if you complete this activity you'll discover his opponents in the Whig Party planned for him to drink another beverage.

National Park Service

1840 Presidential Campaign Activity

This activity recreates a Whig campaign token. Mechanical cards such as this were a novelty item that became increasing popular in the second half of the nineteenth century for promoting sales. Click the link to retrieve the document. Print out the document and follow the instructions to make one of the campaign innovations the Whig Party used to help William Henry Harrison defeat Martin Van Buren in the presidential election of 1840.

Whig Campaign Token

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