Winter Sports

Snowshoers climbing hill @ MABI Winter 2022
Snowshoeing at the park
NPS Photo Credit L Shahi

Winter Sports

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular winter activities in the park. In Woodstock the average winter snow fall is 80 inches. Winter is Vermont's longest season and temperatures in winter vary more than those in summer. It is common to experience freezing temperatures from November to March, with many locations observing sub-zero days on a regular basis so please come prepared for cold weather.

The Woodstock Inn & Resort holds an easement on the park's carriage roads and trails for winter use. The Woodstock Inn & Resort Nordic Center maintains and grooms over 20 kilometers (12 miles) of park trails as part of its larger Nordic trail network. Ski passes from the Woodstock Inn & Resort Nordic Center are only required to use groomed trails.

To use these trails for skiing and snowshoeing you must have a valid Day ticket or Season pass. Passes can be purchased at the Nordic Center on Rte 106. For more information visit contact the Woodstock Inn and Resort Nordic Center (802-457-6674) for trail passes and more information about trail conditions and winter use. (Tickets must be purchased before using park's groomed trails.)

Check the Nordic Center's
current conditions information.

► Dogs on a leash are permitted on the trails during the winter. Please clean-up after your dog, removing any waste to an off-site trash bin.

Multi-Use Trails: Approximately 4 miles of trail along the main carriage road corridors have been designated as ‘Multi-Use Trails’ in winter – walkers are permitted to use these trails free of charge (without purchasing a pass from the Nordic Center) provided they do not walk in the ski tracks, keep dogs on leash at all times, and respect the skiing-and snowshoeing-only trails.

The Multi-Use Trails are marked in red on the map shown on this page.

Any person using the trail system in winter on snowshoes or skis may be directed by Woodstock Nordic Center employees monitoring the trails to purchase a pass. Any person walking on the trail system in winter may be directed by Woodstock Nordic Center employees to stick to the Multi-Use Trails.


The Pogue: Ice conditions on the Pogue can vary extensively and create hazardous conditions. Walking, skiing, snowshoeing or skating on the Pogue is never advised.

Those skiing or snowshoeing must be self-sufficient and confident in their abilities as there is limited ski patrol in the park.

Ten essentials for skiing or snowshoeing on back country trails:

1. Navigation (map and compass)

2. Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)

3. Insulation (extra clothing)

4. Illumination (headlamp, flashlight, bulb and batteries)

5. First-aid kit (with warming packs)

6. Fire (Waterproof matches and fire starters)

7. Repair kit and tools (including knife or multi-tool)

8. Nutrition (extra food)

9. Hydration (extra water)

10. Emergency shelter.

(Backcountry Trail Patrol Association)

Carry a cell phone to call 911 in case of emergency. However, note that cell coverage can be inconsistent in parts of the park, and device batteries have a shorter lifespan in extreme cold.

Snowshoe Hike @ MABI IMG_3268 NPS Photo Credit Leslie Shahi
Snowshoeing at the park

NPS Photo Credit L Shahi

Last updated: October 10, 2023

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