Writing With no Bounds

July 29, 2015 Posted by: Janice He
This morning, SCA interns practiced writing- freewriting. We read a short passage, Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg, about how writing with no boundaries can express our true thoughts and emotions and even the aesthetic component to our writing such as whether we are more comfortable writing in cursive or big print. Inevitably, the freedom in writing takes us to a more personalized and individualized prompt where we don't have to be so bounded talking about quotes or books and we can simply talk about how our day went and what's on our mind because we don't always get the opportunity to do so.

That's where the beauty lies- it's writing to ourselves. A time when you don't have to check for grammar mistakes and use big words to impress your readers because you're doing it for yourself and that's exactly what we did to start off our morning. We wrote about whatever we wanted for fifteen minutes, let our minds carry us to wherever that led us, and after some mental freedom, we started work.

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