The Run

August 12, 2014 Posted by: B Enos

Everybody in their life comes to a point where they have to face the "Wall". Now this wall is an obstacle in your life that you can stop, turn around and avoid it, or take a sledge hammer and break through; either way you're testing your mental limit and seeing what you're really made of. This summer I'm not just pushing my mental limit with work or learning about the environment, I'm also pushing myself to go longer and work harder than I'd ever thought was possible. Coming to Vermont and being surrounded by people who have such a burning passion to preserve not only nature and history, but the world's natural resources. Seeing this passion in their eyes ignites a spark in my heart that pushes me further and further. I was lucky enough to have this spark course through my body yesterday. When I got home I had only one mission! That mission was to run to Dewey's Pond from Quechee, not realizing until I looked up the distances it was 3.5 miles. I have never ran 3 miles before, I was always lucky enough if I made it 2.5 miles. Knowing that I was heading straight towards that wall, my legs wanting to give and my heart wanting to rest I never stopped.  I kept running surpassing my goal. That day, I ran 7 miles.    

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