August 12, 2014 Posted by: A Koller

These weeks are speeding up. This past week flew by. I believe this phenomenon can be contributed to the fact that I am extremely busy, busy planning the youth summit, busy preparing and presenting my own leadership development, busy with friends outside of work, busy refreshing my programming skills in HTML and CSS, and busy finishing up reading The Lost World. I have a small stack of books that remind me daily to hurry up. I am beginning to feel the end of this internship rapidly approaching; I only have three weeks left. My time here has been really enlightening, fun, and strange. I have a new found appreciation for easy-access to shopping malls (since they do not exist where I reside). Simultaneously, I will miss being immersed in nature in my everyday life. Likewise, I will miss how Vermonters cater greatly to vegetarians and other health-conscious people. As a vegetarian, I greatly appreciate coconut curry tofu at a barbeque; you cannot find this in other states.This past week, I learned how to play chess, had a wonderful time watercolor painting in the park's formal garden as part of a writing workshop, and even saw a presentation on black bears. Tomorrow I will be rockclimbing. Hooray!

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