SOAK and Inequality

July 23, 2014 Posted by: A Bald

In my humble opinion, Week 4 was the craziest week yet. The variety of activities we accomplished was incredible, starting with Summer Soak. Summer Soak is a camp for 6-8 year olds, and we had the opportunity to work with them for part of Thursday morning. They were SO CUTE, and that's saying a lot coming from me (I generally don't like kids). My favorite part was meeting the kids individually and finding out their likes, dislikes, and life stories, which they happily share.           

This Saturday, in the final hours of the week, I had the opportunity to present my own Leadership Development Workshop. I was given a huge amount of freedom on this, so I chose the theme of inequality. To start off, I had the interns go onto I highly encourage all of you readers to check out this incredible site! It allows you to input levels of income to see what percentage of the world population you fall into. We put in some different levels, and were astonished by the results. We in the United States are much richer than we often feel, and I think it's important to understand. We played a short leadership game, then moved onto TED talks about global inequality with titles like "The bottom billion" and "The rise of the global super-rich." My goal was not to drive us into despair about inequality, but simply to remind the interns how leaders everywhere can make the world a more equal place, given the right incentives.           

Now that the internship is half over, I think one of my favorite things about working here is the flexibility we are given. The weekly schedule changes so often it's almost not worth printing it out. Having Sunday and Monday off is fantastic for doing things like going to Burlington for the day, and I enjoy going to the condo to relax and cook food. We are half way there!

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