SCA 2014 Internship Begins

June 23, 2014 Posted by: Hannah Coyle

This is my fourth year working with invasive plants and I am always learning something new.  In my first week I learned a variety of new invasive plants; Dames Rocket, Japanese Barberry, Common Barberry, and Italian Honeysuckle.  It isa shame that such a beautiful plant such as Dames Rocket can be such a nuisance for other native plants.  The best part about being a natural resource intern is being able to be outside and make adifference. Though it may seem tedious to have to hand pull countless plants at times and I may go home every day exhausted, but I know I made a difference to improve the local environment forthat day. Besides, learning about invasive plants I have had other opportunities since I have been at MABI which include exploring the historical aspect of the park as well as the neighboring farm and being able to meet the Deputy Director of the National Park Service. This is a short post only because this is the beginning of my internship and as my experience with the SCA and NPS grows so will my posts!

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Last updated: June 23, 2014

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