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July 07, 2014 Posted by: A Koller

I have only been working here for a week and yet I have already learned so much. Working with the other interns has been interesting so far; despite each of our unique characteristics, we get along well. Everyone I have met so far enjoys the outdoors as much as I do (or more so). Here, I am able to point out minute beautiful points of view that others actually care about, whether it be an interesting Mud Wasp or the way the heart-shaped vines dangle precariously over the porch of the mansion. I feel as if I am experiencing some kind of transcendental-like alteration, for I am not used to the relaxed lifestyle of Vermont. While adapting to a slower pace, I have been learning Vermont vernacular. I now know what Birkenstocks are and what "granola" means (hint: not a food). Sometimes work is overwhelming, although the friendly environment and general sense of community within the park is extremely comforting. I do enjoy being a steward of the mansion as well as working at the park desk on the farm. Through these opportunities, I am able to interact with the public and work independently.Since I am not local to this region, every experience is new; thus far, I have ventured into the Green Mountains, swam in refreshing Silver Lake, and briefly toured the quaint town that is Woodstock, Vermont. I am currently looking forward to awaiting adventures. Wish me luck!

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