July 07, 2014 Posted by: B Enos

As I experience nature in different parts of the world I'm starting to find peace and serenity within myself and my surroundings, at a very young age. Though Vermont is only three hours and two states away from Rhode Island, it's a very different place from home; I feel as if I traveled into a different world. Freshmen Year through Junior Year of high school, I have worked for the Roger Williams National Memorial doing a variety o fprojects, from performing plays, to building 1800s Historical houses in the park, but so far working with the Park Service in Vermont has blown me away. I always wondered how the National Park worked as an organization and was never able to find out how it did, but the National Park in Vermont showed me how the organization works right off the bat, inside and out. The SCA students got to meet all the staff members and meeting everybody and hearing about their life stories and how they ended up with the park service really surprised me.

The park has a wide range of different people and backgrounds you would have never expected to be rangers or employees that make the park work as a whole. The park has people who have traveled the world, to people who have seen life at its lowest and highest, to people that have been in war, to people who share common interests with me. The organization is also creating a huge network which is extremely important for us youngsters to understand, especially in our age of technology, knowing people will definitely give you a leg up in the workforce. I'm also starting to realize a lot of people are connected with each other someway and somehow, but the park isn't just creating an awesome network! It's also creating a huge loving and learning experience on life, which is improving my communication and people skills. I have to say my best memories come from working with the park service. But this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for programs like SCA and AmeriCorps that provide the life changing programs for students in the world, Thank you.  

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