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July 10, 2014 Posted by: B Enos

Last week a storm had blown through Woodstock and knocked down a lot of trees in the National Park which opened an opportunity for me and a couple other interns to get the chance to work with Peter Glover, of the maintenance division. The National Park map had all of the locations circled of the places where the trees had fallen. Peter drove to each location and used a chainsaw to cut up the trees in small enough sizes so that the other interns and I could move the pieces and limbs off the pathway. I had a blast being outside and moving stuff, because when you're done you can see that your actions have made a difference.

This was also the week we started writing down ideas for our video project for the summer. Our video instructor, Scott Miller has years of experience teaching and producing awesome videos  and documentaries, so I am honored to be learning from him. Within the first hour of meeting Scott, he taught us all the techniques that can be used to make a video, from camera movements and angles, to lighting effects and audio. He even showed us how to walk very slowly when your video shooting a scene. Overall, it was a great week.

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