August 02, 2013 Posted by: Sophie Leiter
This week marks the half-way point in our internship. It's hard to believe that we only have three weeks left at MABI. This week was action packed. We started off by going to the Calvin Coolidge State Park. We were given a tour around all of the ground and various buildings. It was interesting to learn more about Coolidge, who, I am ashamed to admit, I know very little about. I went to the park knowing he favored small government and slept more than any other president. I'm happy to report that after our trip I have a much more well-rounded understanding of our 30th president.

On Wednesday, after packing the Fusions full to the brim, we headed down to Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts. We took a tour along the canal. I was particularly interested in the locks. They're still using the same ones as they did during mill times. After our tour we met up with two National Park Student Career Intake Program (SCIP) interns, Olf and Missy. They showed us a nearby park and the high school that they went to. We then headed back to the campsite to make pasta, hot dogs, and s'mores.

We rose early the next morning to head to the Boston Navy Yard.  We met a few more SCIP interns as well as interns from Boston African American National Historical Park. We took a boat through the choppy Boston Harbor out to Thompson Island. On the island we met with three resource management rangers and spent the day pulling a massive clump of Multiflora Rose, Barberry, and Bittersweet. We managed to clear a pretty big portion, especially thanks to Dylan, Olf and Doug, another SCIP intern, pulling out massive chunks of trees. We took another boat ride back to the Navy yard and got caught in the rain before heading home for a damp car ride. Friday was business as usual. I spent part of the morning helping Ben stake poems for the Robert Frost Trail. It was hard to keep up with him so I got a good workout. I then spent the rest of the morning at Billings Farm and then the afternoon at the Chamber Booth. Saturday Bookstock was in full swing. I spent the morning directing people to the various venues from the Chamber Booth, often answering the question "where is the Green." I tried to tell people as politely as I could, they were standing on it. I spent the afternoon at the Billings Farm desk.  

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