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July 29, 2015 Posted by: SCA Intern
When I began this internship, I thought that the Student Conservation Association (SCA) was a mere program through which we applied for this position. And while I did realize that it was an association that could place me into conservation corps and other internships, I didn't realize how passionate and prideful each member was of the association.            

On Thursday, we traveled to the SCA headquarters and met with many of the people that work on the administration side of SCA. It was fascinating to hear their stories and ultimately what led them to SCA.          

I often thought that to be in conservation, and to essentially be a steward of the land, someone has to have majored in environmental science and he or she has to have been fully passionate about the land since the beginning of his or her college career. However, the people from SCA that we met did not all take such a path. There were some that majored in marketing, some that majored in communication, and some that majored in environmental science.          

I believe that with such a multifaceted and diverse community, almost anyone can find a way to interact with the SCA and I hope that my connection with the organization will continue in the future.

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