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August 02, 2013 Posted by: Evana Williams
This week was great but it went by very fast. This week we got a chance to go to Plymouth Vermont, Lowell Massachusetts, and Boston Harbor Islands to check out some other national parks. In Plymouth we got to learn all about Calvin Coolidge. I bet you are wondering who he is. Good question because at first I didn't know as well who he was. I found out he was the 30th president of United States.  His home town is Plymouth in Vermont. The thing about Calvin is that he wasn't really known for much but he was an interesting man. I got to learn the history of the Coolidge family as well some history of Plymouth. This national site was very cute and it looks like a historic town.            

Being able to go and look at how farming was and over time how things changed for him when he became president was very interesting. They have a barn built in three different time periods, a cheese factory, a general store, the house Calvin grow up in, and much more. I thought the place was nice. I am happy I went because I learned something new.            

On Wednesday we went camping. That was exciting. I haven't been camping in a long time and being able to go was great. We camped outside of Andover Massachusetts. After we set up our camp site we went to go visit another national park located in Lowell Massachusetts. It is called the Lowell National Historical Park. This park tells the history of canals and mills in the Industrial Revolution and America in the 19th-20th century. What I found amazing about the park was its canal's system. They had special canals to power the city and factories. It amazed me how they built them as well. How they had the knowledge to make canals, locks, breaks, lower canals and more.  When on the tour my favorite part I would have to say was the three levels of the canals which were called the upper canal, middle canal and the lower canal. When in the boat the locksmith volunteers would come over and put a gate and lock it holding the water and opening another. When doing that the water levels got lower so the boat sink and we were able to move on the another canal. And they did it again allowing us to sink lower and lower to pass to another canal. That was fun, exciting, and scary. All in all I enjoyed myself and it was fun to learn how these canals work, and put together to help support the city.            

Thursday we got the chance to go visit the Boston Harbor Islands National Park. There are 34 islands. Being able to go back to the islands was great. I miss home and getting a chance to get as close to home was great. I also love the island Thompson Island. I went there many times before and it was fun, so being able to come back and help and learn more about the island was awesome. Well out there we got to do some invasive work which I love. I find doing invasive work is great. I feel we are making a better place and more beautiful place for people to see. The type of plant that we were removing was multiflora rose. This plant had thorns and was huge. It was all over and it was amazing of how much we pulled out. I felt good doing the work I did. I had a great time out there being able to meet new national park staff and learning about the different opportunities one could have.    

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