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July 10, 2014 Posted by: A Bald

The second week of my internship at MABI was better than the first, I think mainly because we got away from the orientation materials and instead worked on the actual jobs we will be doing for the whole summer. I began work down at the Chamber Booth on the Green in town. The Chamber of Commerce has an information booth where volunteers (and MABI interns) are stationed to provide help to tourists. Honestly, it can be boring, but I do enjoy talking to different people who are visiting the town. Most of them are New Englanders but hopefully I'll encounter some great travelers from far away.           

This week, I really enjoyed the Leadership Development activities where we examined ourselves, our personalities, and our learning styles. The Meyers Briggs test was fun, and I think the result was accurate (ISTJ, for anyone who is curious). Following the test, we examined a quote by Socrates that goes, "The unexamined life is notworth living." I was able to reflect on my fears, hopes, and goals, which was nice considering how much I think these things have changed since arriving at college. Things go by so fast that I enjoy taking the time in these activities to reflect.           

I think my favorite activity this last week was working with Scott Miller on our video project. He gave us cameras and instructed us on film and photography techniques. I've always been interested in photography, so I really enjoyed his talk. Then we went outside and practiced with the flip cameras and tripods. I'm really pumped to start filming everything we do. It will be embarrassing I'm sure! At the end of the summer, we will hopefully have a great little video that future interns can share and learn from, so hopefully we can take advantage of this opportunity to create something memorable.

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