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August 12, 2014 Posted by: M Farbman

This week we had an opportunity to explore the similarities of writing and hiking. Working with a group of educators, and guided by Joan, we hiked to the Pogue. We took breaks to delve deeper into our thoughts and create stories, poems and narratives that described our state of mind. Sitting on top of the mountain with an amazing view of Woodstock, VT our group was challenged to write for 30 minutes without our pens coming off the paper. When we shared our writing everyone had something different to say, chose unique writing styles and linked place, personality and theme into their stories in new ways. After hiking a little bit more we wrote poetry, taking 10 lines and arranging them in acertain pattern known as pantoum. When we made it back down the mountain we were met by a community member, Mrs. Kaija, who taught us how to paint with water colors. We were given creative freedom to paint what we wanted. I sat in the gardens and explored the various strokes, techniques and color combinations. After some time alone our group reconvened and reflected on our day, using our paintings to explain our thoughts.

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