July 23, 2014 Posted by: A Koller

I had a great week 4 working here, which was composed of: two interpretation days working at the farm desk and the mansion, various meetings for Youth Summit planning on August 7th, video project filming and directing, two days of invasive aquatic species removal (essentially me in a canoe collecting plants with my hands), numerous sun burns, leadership development by one of my fellow interns, and a wonderful trip to Burlington, Vermont for equally great shopping and food. I highly recommend visiting this location. Additionally, I have been reading whenever I can. Thus far this summer, I have read A Study in Scarlet (first Sherlock Holmes book) and Timeline (newfound addiction toMichael Crichton's works). I'm currently reading The Lost World. I wish I had more time to read! There are simply too many good books worthy of reading for one lifetime. (If you have any recommendations, let me know.) Right now I'm looking forward to hopefully relaxing next weekend. Saturday, I have plans with some other interns for dinner and a movie. What a lucky girl I am. :)

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