Berry Picking is Next!

August 12, 2014 Posted by: A Blad

Hi everyone!

You know how things can go by really slowly and really quickly at the same time? Well this internship has blown by, and we are three-quarters of the way there. Yet, Week 6 felt like the longest week yet. Funny how that works. Week 6 was long mainly because with our Youth Summit rapidly approaching, we’ve had to do a lot of work to prepare. I’m introducing the Superintendent of the park, no pressure! I’m also been working on the Open Spaces discussion, with my topic being Global Conservation. I’m excited for the discussion, but I have a lot of work left to feel comfortable with my group. It will pay off, though, with a fantastic summit, I’m sure of it!

My favorite thing that we did for Week 6 was meet with Scott Miller to begin reviewing the footage for the video we will finish next week. I had been worried about the progress of the video, however, I am less anxious now that we’ve got a start on the whole editing process. I love our rating system for the video quality:Good, Bad, and Meh. We do have some great footage and I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to work with Scott on my video skills!

And again, I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with the interns outside of work. Between Trivia Nights, rock climbing, and card games, we have spent a lot of time together. Berry picking is next!

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