4th Graders visit the Park for Winter Tracking Program

March 31, 2014 Posted by: M Harrington

Recently we had the 4th grade students from Woodstock Elementary visit us here at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller to spend the day outside. After obtaining some tracking background from Ed Sharron, we ventured our way on snowshoes to the Nordic Hut while photographing any animal signs that we could find. Upon arriving at our destination, we had the opportunity to view animal furs and learn about what it might have been like to hunt and trap for a living before there were supermarkets from Wes Hennig.  On our hike back we stopped and ate lunch while taking time to observe the forest.  Students did some descriptive journaling, listened to a story or both with their group members. Thanks to great weatherand a wonderful group of adult leaders the trip was fun and successful.

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