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Overall, the park enjoys a sunny, mild climate during three seasons of the year. Spring: Temperatures range from 45 F to 85 F (7 C/29 C). Rain is common in April and May. Summer: Temperatures range from 70 F to 95 F (21 C/35 C). Temperatures can exceed 100 F (38 C) in July and August. Lightweight clothing and sunscreen are advisable. Be prepared with plenty of water. Fall: Temperatures range from 45 F to 85 F (7 C/29 C). Winter: Temperatures range from 35 F to 65 F (2 C/18 C) . Snow and ice are rare.

Entrance Fees:

Entrance - $0.00

The park does not charge an entrance fee. A fee is charged for tours of the ground floor of the Texas White House and is as follows: Ages 18 and older: $3.00 Ages 17 and younger: free

Park Headquarters and Visitor Center

The former Pedernales Hospital, built during the Johnson Administration, became the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park Visitor Center in 1994. An exhibit gallery showcases Lyndon Johnson's life and accomplishments. The exhibits include a tribute to Mrs. "Lady Bird" Johnson. Her commitment to the environment continues the work of our "Conservation President." Two 30-minute movies are offered. One is about the Johnson Administration, the other, about Mrs. Johnson's life and accomplishments.

LBJ State Park and Historic Site Visitor Center

The LBJ State Park and Historic Site Visitor Center is located on Highway 290 approximately 14 miles west of Johnson City and 16 miles east of Fredericksburg. Begin your tour of the LBJ Ranch here by picking up a map and free permit for a self-guided driving tour of the ranch in your private vehicle. An audio CD is also available for purchase to narrate your drive. Exhibits, movies, and a book and gift store are also available to visitors. Facilities include restrooms and drinking fountains.

President and Mrs. Johnson leaving airplane.
Lady Bird Johnson, President Lyndon B. Johnson, and Lynda Bird Johnson descending steps from Air Force One (1967)

LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto

A visit to Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park will be more enjoyable if you are familiar with a few things before you arrive.

In addition to the other information found on these pages, please remember:

  • Historic structures and objects can be fragile. Please do not touch items when on tours of historic buildings.
  • Many visitors come to the park to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers that dot the Hill Country landscape every Spring. Please stay on marked trails to avoid trampling delicate vegetation, and do not pick the wildflowers.

By following these simple rules you will help us to preserve the unique historical and natural resources found in the park so that others may enjoy them for many years to come.

Last updated: February 28, 2016

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