Two rangers pose back to back with arms folded, laughing, in front of the Frederick Douglass House.
Rangers at the Frederick Douglass House National Historic Site in Washington, DC.

NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

There are many different ways you can get involved with the National Park Service (NPS). Are you looking for a full-time, permanent job? We have those. Or maybe you’d prefer to work in parks for a few months as a seasonal ranger? We have those, too. Come work with us—in an "office" like no other.

The NPS isn't just for rangers! NPS jobs are in a wide variety of fields, trades, and specializations. We employ mechanics and museum curators, data analysts and landscape architects, engineers and educators, law enforcement officers and firefighters. Many of our employees work on-site in our parks, but we also have a large presence in our regional and national offices. Want to learn what it's like to work for the NPS? Check out employee profiles for a glimpse at some of the career possibilities.

The job listing below displays select open NPS jobs on the hiring website USAJobs. On the USAJobs website, you can set up a resume, get job listings emailed directly to you, and track your application status.

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Explore what relevancy, diversity, and inclusion means to the National Park Service.

Two National Park employees, one riding on a lawnmower, pause to chat on the White House South Lawn with the White House in the background.
National Park Service groundskeepers coordinate on the White House South Lawn.

NPS / Nathan King

How to apply for federal jobs

See the USAJobs How to guide for information on how to use USAJobs, understand job announcements, get Federal resume writing tips, and the application process.

Seasonal employment

The National Park Service hires thousands of seasonal employees each year to welcome and educate visitors, conduct research, protect our resources, help keep our parks looking beautiful, and so much more. Seasons vary by park, but summer seasons generally operate between March and September, and winter seasons between October and February.

Tips for applying to seasonal positions

  • The NPS generally hires for summer positions between October and February, and for winter positions between July and August.

  • We post all seasonal vacancies on USAJobs. Search "National Park Service" and select "Temporary" in the Work Type field.

  • Some of the larger parks receive hundreds of applications for only a handful of openings, so your chances for selection may improve if you apply to a smaller park. Consider volunteering or interning with some of our youth program partners to gain additional experience.

  • For more information, see frequently asked questions about seasonal hiring.

Internships and Volunteering

Are you a student looking for a meaningful internship to help launch your career? Internships through partner organizations open doors! Learn more about the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act, which allows qualified individuals serving under time-limited appointments in a land management agency to compete for permanent positions in the competitive service.

Are you someone with some time to volunteer? Find volunteer opportunities in the Washington, DC area that meet your interests and abilities!

Current Job Opportunities

The following listing displays current job openings in DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia with the keyword "National Park Service." Visit USAJobs to customize your search to find the most relevant results.

Last updated: February 9, 2024