What We Do: Wildland Fire

members of the wildland fire management team pose for a photo
National Park Service - Alaska Region Wildland Fire Management Team, 2014. NPS Photo

The National Park Service, Alaska Wildland Fire Management is committed to safety, science, and stewardship. The safety of firefighters and the public is the No. 1 priority of all fire management activities.

During the summer months we manage wildfires, preserve natural and cultural resources, and reduce the fire risk to park sensitive sites by making them Firewise. In order to manage fires safely and effectively, in the fall, winter and spring, we write, revise, and review our plans for fire management, fuels treatment, operations, strategies, readiness reviews, fire monitoring and more. We meet to discuss and put into action lessons learned and best practices. Year- round we make maps for the plans, the public, and firefighters. We are students of fire. We study fire behavior, fire weather and danger, and the effects of fire on landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife. We speak and write about how fire managers balance the risks and benefits of fire with our peers, public, and partners. We attend local, state, and national meetings and conferences to maintain and build upon our cohesive strategy with our partners. We train and train some more. We recruit and hire employees for the summer season. We complete administrative paperwork. Explore the images below for more information about what the NPS Alaska wildland fire management staff does.

Last updated: December 19, 2018