Communication & Education

Public Information Officer explains fire activity to two members of the public.
A wildland fire public information officer explains fire activity and road closures to two members of the public.

NPS photo/D. Coble

The National Park Service has long been a leader in fire communication among federal agencies. We have a rich history of engaging the public in learning about nature and ecology through our interpretive education and public outreach programs, information officers and other means.

The Alaskan boreal forest and tundra ecosystems surrounds communities, rendering them islands, and susceptible to wildfire. Wildfire happens thus fire communication and education is an interagency effort that focuses on the natural role of fire, fire management, prevention and defensible space.

The National Park Service - Alaska Region Wildland Fire Communication and Education Program translates fire and fire management in Alaska parklands into meaningful stories and dialogue for our peers, partners, local residents, visitors, and the public.

Connect And Educate

Last updated: December 20, 2018