Lightscape / Night Sky

When Abraham Lincoln lived in this neighborhood, candles and oil lamps placed in homeowners windows would have been among the only artificial light to invade the natural darkness of night. Today the neighborhood is surrounded by 30+ story buildings and major traffic thoroughfares. Security lights and streetlights throughout the neighborhood, and light flowing in from these outside sources, keep the area around the Lincoln Home from ever truly becoming "dark."

Yet, even with the area being kept in a constant artificial dusk, nocturnal animals thrive. As the sun sets, Treefrogs begin to sing to one another, Little Brown Bats begin to forage in their set hunting patterns between the historic buildings, and Virginia Possums and Raccoons begin to explore the now quiet yards and alleys. While Lincoln Home may not be the best place for stargazing, it is still a wonderful place for a peaceful evening stroll similar to the ones Mr. Lincoln made while he lived in Springfield.
Lincoln Home at dusk
Lincoln Home illuminated at dusk

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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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