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Aside from the profound achievements of his life, Abraham Lincoln - though primarily self-taught - is also remembered as a talented writer, producing some of our nation's most enduring words.

This small portion of Lincoln's writings are offered here to provide a general sense of his thoughts on several different subjects. We hope that these selections provide some sense of his hopes and his ideals for himself, and for his nation.

Lincoln Quotes: These Lincoln quotes are excerpts from his letters and speeches.

On the Know-Nothing Party (anti-immigrant party), August 24, 1855

On Slavery, August 1, 1858

On the Declaration of Independence, August 17, 1858

America's Strength, September 11, 1858

After Losing the 1858 Illinois Senatorial Election, November 19, 1858

On Thomas Jefferson and the phrase "all men are created equal," April 6, 1859

On America's Future, September 30, 1859

Difference between North and South, December 22, 1860

On the Union, February 11, 1861

On Presidents, February 12, 1861

To the Americans of the Southern States, March 4, 1861

Democracy and the American Civil War, July 4, 1861

On America, December 1, 1862

On the Purpose of the Struggle, August 22, 1864

On the 1864 Presidential Election, November 10, 1864

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