Lincoln Home National Historic Site and the National Park Service offer a wide array of educational resources and tools for teachers. From more traditional curriculum based education programs to interactive web based programs, the resources reach a variety of ages and abilities. We encourage you to explore the educational resources found on this web site. We hope that you find them useful in the classroom.

Curriculum Lesson Plans Connected to On-Site Visits

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Lincoln Home NHS Park Ranger with school group in front of the Lincoln home.

"A Nation Drifts Apart"

Designed for 5th graders, this 45 minute program discusses the issues leading to the opposing positions Mr. Lincoln and Senator Stephen A. Douglas held on slavery during the 1858 U.S. Senate race. While meant as an on-site lesson, "A Nation Drifts Apart" can be adapted to the classroom.

Classroom Based Lesson Plans

Abraham Lincoln, 1846

"The Life of Abraham Lincoln"

This lesson for 6th graders contains information on the life of Abraham Lincoln with preview and review questions, and a vocabulary section.

Mary Lincoln, 1846

"The Life of Mary Lincoln"

This lesson contains information on the life of Mary Lincoln with preview and review questions, and a vocabulary section.

Photograph of the Lincoln Home

"Lincoln Home National Historic Site: A Place of Growth and Memory"

This lesson for any age group focuses on utilizing maps and excerpts from primary source documents, including: critical speeches given by Abraham Lincoln, newspaper accounts of Lincoln's nomination and election, and archival photographs of the historic site.

Other Educational Resources

NPS LIHO Virtual Museum Exhibit

"Lincoln Home National Historic Site Virtual Museum Exhibit"

This "Virtual Museum Exhibit" highlights the artifact collections of Lincoln Home National Historic Site as well as in depth information on the Lincoln home itself and the Lincoln family that lived there for seventeen years. In addition to five lesson plans, resources at this web site include information on and images of many of the artifacts, other Lincoln home related images, and floor plans and virtual tours of the Lincoln home.

Journey to Greatness

"Journey to Greatness: Character Lessons from the Past"

"Journey to Greatness: Character Lessons from the Past" is an on line interactive lesson that provides insight into the stories of Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King, Jr. "Journey to Greatness" does not teach about the greatness that these historic characters achieved as adults, but stands as an example to students on the positive choices that these heroes made as children.

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