Albany, New York - Inaugural Journey

Albany delavan-house
At the Delavan House Lincoln received many guests before proceeding to the Governor's Mansion.


Albany, New York

February 18-19, 1861

Lincoln arrived in Albany at about 2:30 p.m. on February 18, at the Broadway Railroad Crossing. He then boarded a carriage for a procession to the state house where he was welcomed by the Governor Edwin D. Morgan and addressed a joint session of the legislature. In his comments to the legislature, Lincoln indicated the difficulty of what lay ahead.

It is true that while I hold myself without mock modesty, the humblest of all individuals that have ever been elevated to the Presidency, I have a more difficult task to perform than any one of them. . . . . but when the time comes I shall speak as well as I am able for the good of the present and future of this country---for the good both of the North and the South of this country---for the good of the one and the other, and of all sections of the country. In the mean time, if we have patience; if we restrain ourselves; if we allow ourselves not to run off in a passion, I still have confidence that the Almighty, the Maker of the Universe will, through the instrumentality of this great and intelligent people, bring us through this as He has through all the other difficulties of our country.

The group then proceeded to the Delavan House at Broadway and Steuben Streets, where Lincoln received many guests before proceeding to the Governor's Mansion, on State Street, for dinner and then returned to the Delavan House by 9:00 for a reception. The following morning the Lincolns left Albany at about 7:45.

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