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A collage of activities showing children and rangers and reenactors.
Learning about the Lewis and Clark Expedition along the Trail.

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National Park sites are outdoor classrooms. Visiting these sites - whether virtually or actually - we learn about the people, places and history of this nation. The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is no exception, but have you ever seen a 3700-mile long classroom? Visitor centers along the Trail help people to learn about the Expedition through programs, exhibits, special events. Many of these centers also offer special children's programs and/or activity books.

Become a Junior Ranger without leaving home by simply completing the Junior Ranger activities. Once you're done, send in your completed activities to earn a Lewis and Clark Junior Web Ranger patch - all from the comfort of your own home.

Want to learn more? Visit your local library and check out some of the great children's books about the Lewis and Clark Expedition (head straight for Dewey decimal number 917.8). Here are a few suggestions:

For younger readers
(up to age 6):
Lewis and Clark - A Prairie Dog for the President by Shirley Rose Redmond

I am Sacajawea I am York by Claire Rudolf Murphy

For older readers (ages 7 to 13):
The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Carol A Johmann

Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark
by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Lewis and Clark for Kids by Janis Herbert

Lewis and Clark Expedition - Illustrated Glossary by Barbara Fifer

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