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Commercial Use Authorizations

Current list of approved commerical use authorizations

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) for services provided at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

CUAs may be issued to persons (referring to individuals, corporations and other entities) to provide commercial services to park area visitors in limited circumstances. CUAs, although used to authorize commercial services to park area visitors, are not concession contracts. They are intended to provide a simple means to authorize suitable commercial services to visitors in park areas in the limited circumstances in the legislation.

Lake Roosevelt NRA will issue CUAs for the following activities and services (including, but not limited to):
  • Launch and Retrieval Services
  • Guided Fishing and Hunting
  • Charters and Tour Services
Additional activites may be permitted pending request, review, and approval by the park.

CUAs will be issued annually. If your authorization requires access to the water, you will need to purchase an Annual Boat Launch Permit separately from your application. Starting 2023 the CUA sticker will act as a boat launch permit and required AIS Quagga & Zebra Mussel-Free Certification form.

CUAs are mandatory for conducting commercial services in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. However, their issuance is a courtesy, not an entitlement. Requests for CUAs are handled in the order received, considering other workload commitments. Commercial services are not authorized until the CUA is finalized. Prospective applicants should not schedule any commercial actions within the park prior to obtaining a fully executed copy of the CUA. Failure to obtain and have available for inspection a CUA to provide commercial services in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area may subject the commercial guide to penalties as prescribed by law or regulation, including exclusion from the park.

Although the Park does not currently have an application deadline for the Commercial Use Authorization Applications, your application must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the initial scheduled trip or activity, to allow park staff to review application materials and process the authorization. Submitting a complete pack greatly aids staff in issuing your authorization in a timely manner.

Public Law 105-391, Section 418, requires the National Park Service to collect a reasonable fee for CUAs at an amount at least sufficient to recover the NPS’ costs of processing and managing the CUAs.

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (LARO) is currently charging a commercial use authorization application fee of $100. The current CUA application fee only covers park costs for the CUA application, but not management of the CUA. As opportunities for various commercial services increase, the number of requests for CUAs continue to grow, including requests for new activities requiring us to evaluate potential impacts.

The NPS Washington Support Office issued new CUA guidelines on November 12, 2015 addressing the collection of commercial use authorizations application and management fees. With the increase of popularity of commercial services within Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, the park has dedicated human resources with the technical knowledge and ability to properly facilitate compliance to the CUA program.

Beginning March 1, 2020, the park will implement an annual market price management fee based on a percentage of revenue each year by submission of the CUA Annual Report (NPS Form 10-660). The CUA holder must submit the management fee, as well as the CUA Annual Report, by the first day of the year following operations (i.e. CUA issued in 2019: 1st annual report due January 2020; and 2nd annual report and fee due January 2021).

A Market Price Management Fee of 2.0% will now be charged based upon a percentage of the gross receipts earned from business in Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. The non-refundable $100.00 application fee will remain the same. If gross receipts are $5,000.00 or less only the $100.00 application fee will apply.

Please email for more information.

Commercial Use Authorization Application Package and Supplemental Information

Part 1: Commercial Use Authorization Application Package
Part 2: Commercial Use Authorization Supplemental Information

Last updated: February 2, 2023

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