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Sport hunting and trapping are permitted in Lake Clark National Preserve, but not within the national park. The information on this page will help you begin planning your your trip. Be advised that thorough hunt planning takes time. You may need to begin as much as 18 months in advance of your hunt to reserve your preferred dates, call references, and finalize any contracts you may need.


Hunt Guiding Services

Lake Clark National Preserve is divided into three authorized guide areas: Stony River Guide Area, Mulchatna Guide Area and the Lake Clark Guide Area. There are currently two NPS concessioners authorized to guide sport hunting in these areas.

Stony River Guide Area

Arno Krumm Afield

Mulchatna Guide Area and Lake Clark Guide Area

Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting, LLC
(907) 388-8766

Things to Know When Planning Your Trip

The National Park Service and the State of Alaska cooperatively manage the wildlife resources in Lake Clark; therefore, you must possess all required Alaska state hunting licenses, tags, and permits and you must comply with NPS and State of Alaska sport hunting and trapping regulations. Potential hunting violations include: sport hunting within the national park boundaries, failing to salvage the meat, taking undersized game, and taking wolves or coyotes during the restricted period of May 1 through August 9.

Be aware that Alaska hunting regulations, set by the Alaska Board of Game, require non-resident sport hunters to either use the services of a licensed hunting guide or to hunt with an Alaska resident who is a close relative. Citizens of foreign countries who have not established residency in the state of Alaska must be accompanied by a state licensed guide.

Hunting trip arrangements can be made through lodges, air taxis, licensed big game transporters who are licensed by the State of Alaska, or incidental big game transporters (licensed air taxi operators that provide transport services for hunters). The list of companies authorized to operate within the park and preserve is a critical component for your trip planning.

For more information or clarification about hunting regulations, please contact the chief ranger.
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Please keep in mind that many areas within the preserve are privately owned. Do not enter private land without the land-owners permission.

Last updated: March 27, 2019

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