tall pink fireweed in front of a backcountry cabin
Tall pink fireweed in front of a backcountry cabin

NPS/K. Lewandowski

The Lake Clark area is special for its diversity of flowers, plants, trees, and lichen in a relatively small area. Four of the five biotic communities found in Alaska - coastal, lakes/rivers/wetlands, tundra, and forest - exist in the park.

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SWAN Biological Science Technician Emily shares her work and insight about the plants that make the Lake Clark's coastal sedge meadows. These salt marshes are a small portion of the park (roughly 1%) but they are an important resource for wildlife including the coastal Alaskan brown bear.

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A cloudy day with green grass and yellow flowers in the foreground.
Checklist: Common Salt Marsh Plants

Brush up your knowledge of common sedges, grasses, flowers, and other plants of the Cook Inlet Coast.

Close up of five-petaled, pink flowers
Common Showy Flowers of Cook Inlet

Look closer at common showy flowers to learn how to identify and where to find them.

A close up of two bundles of small whitish flowers
Sedges and Grasses of Cook Inlet

Get a closer look at common salt marsh sedges and grasses and how to identify them.

a hand reaches to pick a blueberry off a bush
Subsistence: Plant Harvesting

Harvest more knowledge on the traditional use of local plants.

3 scientists look survey something in a meadow
Salt Marsh Monitoring: A Closer Look

Join NPS Scientists as they monitor plants along the Lake Clark Coast.

two women pull bark from a birch tree
The Dena'ina Way of Making a Basket

Respected Dena’ina elder Helen Dick from Lime Village teaches the traditional process of making a birch bark basket.

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