Stunning Wilderness

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is a land of stunning beauty. Volcanoes steam, salmon run, bears forage, and craggy mountains reflect in shimmering turquoise lakes. Here, too, local people and culture still depend on the land and water. Venture into the park to become part of the wilderness.

Photo of three elementary aged students examining a lynx skull held by a park ranger.

Lesson Plans for 6-12th Grade Teachers

Bring Lake Clark to your students by using one of our lesson plans in your classroom.

Book cover featuring photo of Proenneke cabin sod roof with American flag.

The Journals of Dick Proenneke 1981-1985

The newly published Proenneke journals describe life in the first few years after Twin Lakes became part of Lake Clark National Park.

Underwater view of several bright red fish with green heads swimming in blue green water.

Lake Clark's Sockeye Salmon

After more than 15 years of continual study, the lives of Lake Clark's sockeye salmon are coming into focus.

A man stands with his back towards the photographer watching a brown bear sow and 2 cubs in a meadow

Brown Bear Viewing in Lake Clark

Watch "A Day on the Lake Clark National Park Coastline," learn where to go see bears, & become familiar with bear viewing best practices.

Photo of a brown bear walking along a beach with a foggy forest in the background.

Lake Clark's Brown Bears

Discover how different the lives of Lake Clark's coastal & interior brown bears really are and see what this means for you.

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