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February 2015 - Messenger From the Past

February 27, 2015 Posted by: Katie Myers

In an ideal world, all artifacts would be found in context, allowing us to know a more complete a story about the people who made them and their lives, but sometimes we just have the artifact. Even if we don’t have context, archeologist learn how to read the artifact—what message can the object itself tell us about the past? What can the shape of this point tell us? What can the location on where it was found tell us?


August 2014 - Animal Goes in Mountain

August 04, 2014 Posted by: Kathryn Myers

The tip of a wooden arrow shaft, a section of an antler arrow point—rarely do archeologists find these types of organic objects preserved when they excavate a site. However, archeologists have found these types of things perfectly preserved in Lake Clark. Where? In ice and snow patches!


January 2014 - Beauty and the Bead

January 13, 2014 Posted by: Katie Myers

Details of past generations fade into the shadows until it seems as though those people never were quite real. Small glass beads, so ubiquitous and easily overlooked in today's society, open a small window into the lives of those who precede us. Through these tiny flashes of color comes a glimpse of the personal tastes of individuals long gone; individuals whose lives were as full and rich as our own. In our January Object of the Month blog post we share a variety of glass beads found at the Dena'ina Athabascan village of Kijik on the shores of Lake Clark.


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