Skagway Historic District

Six blocks of downtown Skagway, Alaska are designated as a National Historic District. Within this zone, private, state, city, and federal interests have cooperated to preserve or restore the late 1890s atmosphere. Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park manages over 20 buildings in the Skagway Historic District and just outside its boundary. These buildings are being preserved by the National Park Service to honor the struggles of the stampeders of the Klondike Gold Rush and to preserve the legacy of this important event in our nation's history.

Historic Structures

  • A brightly colored building with a large sign The Mascot
    The Mascot Saloon

    Skagway's longest running saloon opened during the gold rush and closed with local prohibition in 1916.

  • a bright blue building and small log cabin under a blue sky
    The Moore Homestead

    William Moore arrived to this valley 10 years before the gold rush. His son Ben brought his family and build the first wooden structures.

  • A ranger walks towards people in front of a small, white building
    Jeff. Smiths Parlor Museum

    A building with a varied past, today a unique museum celebrating Skagway's tourism history.

  • Red building along a busy street
    White Pass & Yukon Route Broadway Depot

    Used as the WP&YR train depot until the 1960s, this building is today's park visitor center.

  • A yellow building with ornate dark green trim
    WP&YR Administration Building

    The original railroad administration building is today the park's main museum and headquarters.

  • Bright blue building with portholes and a hand painted sign
    The Martin Itjen House

    Martin Itjen used this house to aid his business. He installed portholes to attract attention, then he'd sell tours when they did.

  • A small two story white building with small gray building behind it
    Verbauwhede's Store & Cribs

    Frederick Verbauwhede operated this cigar and confectionery store and lived upstairs with his family. The small buildings behind are "cribs.

  • A two story yellow building with sign
    Boas Tailor & Furrier Shop

    A classic false front building, the Boas has moved locations at least once. Today it is part of the historic leasing program.

  • Two story white building with a false front and green trim. Sign reads Lynch & Kennedy
    Lynch & Kennedy

    Built as barracks for Skagway's Buffalo Soldiers, Lynch & Kennedy later served as a haberdashery after moving to its present location.

  • A small wooden structure with a narrow front
    Goldberg Cigar Store

    The oldest store front the NPS owns, this building was constructed before the town of Skagway was really established.

  • A building with a lustrous wood finish and sign Trail Center
    The Boss Bakery

    Barely surviving a fire, the Boss Bakery has housed a trading post, WWII canteen, and local businesses.

  • yellow building with a Pantheon sign and a two story red building
    Pantheon Saloon and Red Front Building

    A hotel, hardware store, paint store, and saloon. Explore the many lives of the Pantheon and its neighbor the Red Front building.

  • A large, bright yellow building
    The Peniel Mission

    One of several Peniel mission locations in Alaska, these folks held bible readings and aided "soiled doves."

  • A weathered wooden building with metal roof
    Frye-Bruhn Cold Storage Building

    Originally a hotel, this meat storage facility had early refrigerated units inside. Today this building is waiting NPS preservation work.

  • 3 people in safety vests stand discussing and looking at buildings.
    Surveying the National Historic Landmark

    Over the decades, efforts have been made to document and preserve Skagway’s architectural and cultural legacy reflected in its NHLs.

Last updated: November 21, 2022

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