Vehicle Access and Recreation

May I ride my snowmachine in the park?

The use of snowmachines is allowed on the Harding Icefield at any time and in other areas of the park when adequate snow cover and conditions exist to prevent resource damage. Except for use on the road to Exit Glacier, the parking areas, and a designated route through the Exit Glacier Campground, the use of snowmachines is prohibited within the Exit Glacier Developed Area (EGDA). Riders must obey all applicable state and federal laws, and damage to soil, plants, or disturbance of wildlife is prohibited. Please refer to the Snowmobile Regulations web page for more information regarding specific usage regulations.

May I land my airplane or helicopter in the park?

Fixed wing aircraft on wheels, floats, or skis may land anywhere in the park without special permission, provided they do not cause resource damage or disturb wildlife. Wheeled aircrafts landing on beaches should be especially aware of damage they may cause to fragile beach grasses and shorebirds. Helicopter landings are prohibited in the park without a special use permit.

What about 4 wheelers, off road motorcycles, ARGOs, and similar vehicles?

These off road vehicles (ORVs) are prohibited in the park.

How about hovercraft and airboats?

Hovercrafts are prohibited in the park. Airboats are legal but subject to applicable state and federal regulations. They are generally extremely loud and disturb wildlife and other users, so their use is discouraged.

Where can I ride my bicycle?

Bicycles are allowed anywhere except the decks of the Information Center located in Seward's small boat harbor and the trail system at Exit Glacier. The only road in the park is the road to Exit Glacier, and a bike rack is provided at the trailhead for cyclists who want to hike the last ½ mile to the glacial terminus.

Can I roller blade, skateboard, roller ski, or roller skate in the park?

These devices are allowed on the road to Exit Glacier, but not beyond the parking lot on the trail system. They are also prohibited on the decks of the Information Center in Seward for safety reasons.

Can I ride my horse in the park?

Yes, but any feed brought in must be certified as weed free, to prevent the spread of non-native vegetation in the park.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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