Park-Specific Conditions for Scientific Research & Collecting Permit

Park-Specific Conditions for Scientific Research & Collecting Permit
Kenai Fjords National Park

Submitted research applications will be reviewed by the Research Coordinator, Chief of Resource Management, Management Team, and Superintendent. Once a research proposal is received and has been deemed to be an appropriate activity in the context of this National Park, the next step in the approval process involves compliance with applicable NPS regulations, policy and law.

We have established an integrated compliance process for all proposed research activities. The primary compliance requirements that must be addressed prior to project approval include: potential environmental impacts (NEPA), potential impacts to cultural resources (NHPA Section 106), and a Minimum Requirement determination for wilderness lands (Section 4(c) of the 1964 Wilderness Act).

Researchers should allow 60 to 90 days for this review process.

  • If a proposed project depends upon NPS staff, equipment, aircraft, housing, office space, etc., or otherwise indicates special needs, the NPS ability to accommodate those needs will also have to be considered prior to approval.
  • All researchers must notify Research Permit Coordinator (Christina Kriedeman, 907-422-0542) or a designated park liaison when they expect to be in the park. You may leave a message with the Administrative Office.
  • While within Kenai Fjords National Park, all food and scented or odorous items must be stored in a manner that is secure from bears and other wildlife. Use of park approved bear-resistant food containers is required of researchers for any overnight travel.
  • All camping must utilize minimum impact techniques such as Leave No Trace to protect park resources.
  • To prevent the spread of invasive species into the park, clothing, camping gear, and other equipment, should be cleaned and be free of soil and plant material before entering the park.
  • Specific authorization must be obtained before using hazardous materials (including fuels) in Kenai Fjords National Park. Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) for the hazardous materials must be provided to park personnel and be in your possession while you are in the park, and any spill of the material must be reported immediately to Sharon Kim (907-422-0546), Rob Wissinger (907-422-0520), or your designated park liaison.
  • Researchers authorized to collect specimens or other material for permanent retention must contact the Park Collection Manager (Kelsey Lutz, 907-664-3480) for instructions, via telephone or email, prior to collection of, prior to preparing and submitting catalog data, and prior to submitting specimens and associated records. The researcher will provide the Collection Manager with their contact information. Any materials retained following the completion of the study remain the property of the NPS. The researcher shall notify the Park Collection Manager of any instances of remainder samples being retained.
  • All records generated from research conducted on NPS lands including, but not limited to, plans, field notes, field maps, drawings, raw data sheets, tape recordings, photos, photo logs, instrument charts, map overlays, negatives, and remote sensing data (records) are, and remain the property of the NPS. The investigator will contact the Park Collections Manager (Kelsey Lutz, 907-644-3840) to ensure that these records are properly accessioned. Final disposition of all records will be specified by the NPS in accordance with approved Park policies and procedures.
  • All geospatial data, metadata or applications to be delivered to an Alaska Park must be in a format compatible with the park's current GIS software and must be delivered to the park on media that are compatible with the park's current GIS hardware. You need only submit final GIS data layer(s) developed as a result of your research at the Alaska Park.
  • The investigator will mail or email copies of all project reports to the Research Permit Coordinator. Reports are defined as information, records, publications or other documentation based wholly or in part on data obtained through the permitted research. In addition, each year the investigator is required to submit to the NPS an Investigator Annual Report (IAR), an on-line report of research activities submitted on-line at the RPRS site.
  • This permit does not authorize the applicant to enter or conduct activities on private lands within the boundaries of Kenai Fjords National Park. Separate permission to conduct research on private lands must be obtained from the landowner. It is the investigator’s responsibility to learn the location of these lands and obtain permission prior to entry as much of the coast is privately owned.
  • Other park-specific permit stipulations will depend upon the specific activities associated with a project, and may be appended to the specific permit.

Last updated: April 12, 2019

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