Wildlife Safety

Treat wildlife with respect. Bring binoculars and enjoy viewing animals from a distance. Bear and moose can be extremely dangerous if they are startled or approached, especially mothers with young.

Never Feed Wild Animals
This includes all park animals; birds, squirrels, marmots, otters etc., not just bears. Learning to beg for and/or rely on human foods is extremely harmful for all wild animals, big or small. Be careful not to leave wrappers, crumbs, or other food trash after picnicking or snacking on the trails.

Avoid setting up camp on or near game trails. Keep your camp clean. Cook and eat away from your sleeping area. Store your food by locking it in your vehicle, using a bear-proof storage container or hanging it well above the ground and away from tree trunks.

Contact the Park

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PO Box 1727
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(907) 422-0500
General park information. The phone is answered Monday - Friday (8am - 5pm), except holidays. During the summer, the visitor center is available every day.

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