Portfolio of Management Plans

State of the Park Report (2017)
As part of the stewardship of national parks for the American people, the NPS has begun to develop State of the Park reports to assess the overall status and trends of each park's resources. The NPS will use this information to improve park priority setting and to synthesize and communicate complex park condition information to the public in a clear and simple way.

Foundation Statement (2013)
The Foundation Statement describes the unit's purpose, significance, fundamental resources and values, primary interpretive themes, and special mandates.

General Management Plan(1984)
Comprehensive park plan that guides the long-term management of resources, visitor use, and general development at the park.

Bear Management Plan(2013)
Policy and procedures to protect the park's population of bears.

NPS Alaska Regional Management Guidelines
This guidance is meant to be the distillation of 30-plus years of interpreting and implementing the laws, regulations, and policies pertinent to parks in the Alaska Region, focusing on ANILCA (coming soon).

Land Protection Plan
Land Protection Plans (LPP) are required by agencies with non-Federal lands or interests in land within the authorized boundary, and the LPP serves as a strategy for the acquisition and/or interests of those lands (coming soon).

Park Atlas The park atlas is a collection of maps and geospatial data indicating areas of particular importance as to wilderness, natural, historical, wildlife, cultural, archeological, paleontological, geological, recreational, and similar resources.

Fire Management Plan
Provides direction for wildland fire management.

Transportation Plan
Assesses and monitors transportation related issues, performance and maintenance.

Long-Range Interpretive Plan
Long-Range Interpretive Plans (LRIPs) provide a vision for the future (5-10 years) of interpretation, education, and visitor experience opportunities.

Scenario Planning Discussions for the Future Frontcountry Management Plan
This report summarizes scenarios and workshop ideas that will be used to inform a future Kenai Fjords National Park’s Frontcountry Management Plan.


Last updated: January 18, 2022

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