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Have a Ranger come to YOU!
Schedule a ranger to visit your class. This is a great way to prepare students for their field-trip, but is also an option even if your class can't make it to the park.

  • Programs are available in September, October, January, February, and March.
  • To schedule a program e-mail or call (907) 422-0531
  • Most programs range from 30-minutes to 1-hour per session. We encourage your school to schedule multiple programs on one day. Each presentation can be given to 25-50 students. Please allow 15 minutes between presentations.

Program Topics and Offerings

A park ranger in a classroom talking to a group of children. The Ranger has a puppet on their hand.
Habitat is where I'm at.

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Habitat is Where I’m At
1st - 2nd grade
A ranger will read a story about Kenai Fjords National Park's animals and help students understand what makes up a creature’s habitat in this 30-minute program. This program is a great introduction for the Habitat is Where I'm At Exit Glacier field-trip. Offered in the fall.

A finger pointing at a purple colored sea star on a rock.
Tidepool Trekking

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Tidepool Trekking

1st grade (Seward Only Pre-visit program)
Students learn basic tidepool etiquette in order to preserve our small beach ecosystem. They are also introduced to the idea of tides and what it takes to be a creature in the tide zone.
A glacier flowing between two mountainsides in the distance. A braided river flows from the bottom of the glacier towards the bottom of the image.
Fast and Slow Change at Exit Glacier

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Fast and Slow Change at Exit Glacier

2-3rd grade (Pre-visit program)
Students engage in building a felt board of features to investigate fast and slow change in an ecosystem. They learn how land changes as erosion and deposition take place. They also will create a landforms dinosaur to help them think about the land around them as features that can change. Changes can be fast or slow.

Sun shining on the water.  Clouds rise above mountains in the distance.
Did You Know that Clouds Have Names

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Did You Know that Clouds Have Names?

3rd grade This is a program with two lessons.
In the first day of activities students learn about clouds, how they form and how we name them. In the second lesson they learn to draw clouds and begin tracking the clouds they see, in their notebooks. Students begin to learn basic principles of scientific investigation as well as nephology.
A child points at a poster hanging on a wall.
The Sugpiaq People lesson

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The Sugpiaq People

3rd grade
This 6 lesson, classroom program brings the original people of the Kenai Fjords National Park to life in the classroom. Through hands on discovery students are introduced to the idea of culture by exploring the homes, food, clothing, transportation and hunting of the Sugpiaq people. Native students frequently share traditions and ideas from their lives which help classroom understanding.
A rushing creek with mountains in the background
Water Water Everywhere

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Water Water Everywhere

4th grade (Pre-visit program for on site Watercycle)
This program gets students ready to visit a National Park and learn about the water cycle. We’ll focus on why National Parks are set aside. Then discuss the watershed that is the Exit Glacier and the Harding Icefield. This program will give students an introduction to water cycle vocabulary, through an interactive creation of their own making.
Children look through large binoculars at a glacier in the distance.
What's in a National Park

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What’s In a National Park?
4th - 5th grade (Pre-visit program to Glacier Tracks Field Trip)
This program helps students understand why we have National Parks and the specifics of why Kenai Fjords Is a National Park. Students build their own Harding Icefield and begin to learn about Alaskan glaciers.

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