Guest Speakers

Have a Ranger come to YOU!
Schedule a ranger to visit your class. This is a great way to prepare students for their field-trip, but is also an option even if your class can't make it to the park.

  • Programs are available in September, October, January, February, and March.
  • To schedule a program e-mail or call (907) 422-0531
  • Most programs range from 30-minutes to 1-hour per session. We encourage your school to schedule multiple programs on one day. Each presentation can be given to 25-50 students. Please allow 15 minutes between presentations.

Program Topics and Offerings


Habitat is Where I’m At
1st - 2nd grade
A ranger will read a story about Kenai Fjords National Park's animals and help students understand what makes up a creature’s habitat in this 30-minute program. This program is a great introduction for the Habitat is Where I'm At Exit Glacier field-trip. Offered in the fall.


What’s In a National Park?
3rd - 5th grade
A ranger will introduce students to the concept of National Parks and discuss why individual parks were created, including Kenai Fjords. Students will learn about the Harding Icefield and its connection to the park’s glaciers. This program is designed as a precursor to the Glacier Tracks program. Offered in the spring and fall.

Glacial Detectives
3rd - 5th grade
This program introduces students to the concept of glaciers and their impact on the land. Using photographs from Kenai Fjords National Park students will decipher clues to understand what glaciers leave behind. Offered in spring and fall.


Finding Your Way in the World
6th grade

This program combined with Botany by GPS is a fun introduction to botany using GPS units to track down various plant species. The pre-visit program takes about 1.5 hours of classroom time where students become familiar with the GPS units. Plant guides and GPS units are provided and can be kept in the classroom between the pre-visit and the field-trip. Offered in the fall.

Finding Fjords
6th - 8th grade

This is a pre-visit program for students who will be participating in the Marine Science Explorer Program with Kenai Fjords Tours. Students will use maps of the world to learn about the places that have fjords. They will draw conclusions from what they learn on the maps and they will begin to explore the reasons for the rich ecosystems found in fjords. Offered in the spring.

Climate Change in Alaska and Kenai Fjords National Park - A Look at our Warming World
8th grade

Alaskan students live in a place and time when climate is changing the world around them. This program will give an introduction to the cryosphere as well as the tools scientists use to measure changes in weather, which translate to changes in climate over time. This program is designed to be a series of 3-5 in class lessons. After class lessons students will take their knowledge out into the world to help neighbors see ways they can save energy. Students will also continually monitor their surroundings with a weather station and frost tube on school grounds. Offered in the fall.

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