Riffles Bearcam

The Riffles webcam feed may stream unreliably on this website. Please visit the Riffles cam on explore.org for more reliable access.

Location: Riffles Wildlife Viewing Platform at Brooks Camp.

When to Watch: July is the best time to watch bears fishing for salmon in the riffles area of the Brooks River. However, bears are in the area from mid spring until mid fall. Katmai’s brown bears are most active during daylight hours.

What to Look For: From late June until mid July, bears may actively chase schools of migrating salmon through the river at this spot. They may also practice more patient fishing techniques like sitting in the river and waiting for the fish to swim to them. In July, some female bears with cubs prefer to fish here instead of Brooks Falls.

Note: The Riffles cam has not been live since summer 2013, so the current footage is a replay.

If you desire a more interactive experience, please head on over to our webcam partner's website, explore.org. They have all of the cams, plus chat and social media connections, and be sure to download the eBooks on Katmai’s bears. These books are free and have lots of photos of the bears, their life histories, videos, and maps. Questions? Browse the Bearcam Frequently Asked Questions.

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Last updated: December 22, 2015

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