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Contact Creek and Idavain Fire (June 13, 2022 update)

Contact Creek Current Acreage: 8,914.4 Acres (perimeter based on 6/8/22, 1:33 PM satellite image). Today: The Contact Creek fire appears to have reached the north side of Angle Creek. With cooler temperatures and increases to Relative Humidity (with a chance of showers over the next 2 days and rain forecasted for Friday) fire behavior should continue to decrease proportionally. However, until the fire receives a wetting rain event or the fire consumes available fuels up to a natural barrier, expect diminished but incremental growth.

Idavain Fire Current Acreage: 10 acres (perimeter based on 6/7/22, 1:17 PM satellite image) Today: No smoke or heat was observed on this fire on recon flights on June 7 and June 8. Until substantial drying occurs, expect continued lack of smoke and observable heat. Dormant hotspots could come back to life with hot/dry weather.

Smoke Information: Based on the 48 hr smoke forecast model smoke is predicted to impact King Salmon and Brooks Camp, however it is primarily from fire activity occurring throughout southwest Alaska.

map of Katmai that shows fire locations in and around the park
Map showing locations of fires in and around Katmai National Park and Preserve


Contact Creek and Idavain Fires (June 8, 2022 update)

The Idavain Fire (#218) located 25 miles east of King Salmon and 2 miles south of Idavain Lake was first reported on June 6. This fire was reported at 10 acres as of Wednesday (6/8) morning. The Contact Creek Fire (#151), roughly 40 miles southeast of King Salmon, started on May 29. This fire is currently at 8,127 acres. Portions of the fire perimeter have burned into natural barriers inhibiting further spread. Sections of the northwestern, southern and eastern flank of the fire remain active.

Cooler and wetter conditions are anticipated over the next 5 days. However, until the fire area receives a wetting rain event, or the perimeter consumes available fuels up to a natural barrier, expect diminished but incremental growth.

Residents in Southwest Alaska may see smoke in the King Salmon area due to several large fires burning throughout southwest Alaska. The National Park Service and Alaska Division of Forestry will continue to monitor these incidents and further updates will be issued.
Map of Katmai National Park showing an outline of where the Contact Creek Fire is located
Contact Creek Fire location as of June 5, 2022

Contact Creek Fire (June 5, 2022 update)

The Contact Creek Fire (#151), which started 40 miles southeast of King Salmon, is now reported at 6,632 acres as of 1pm June 4th. Gathered from recent aerial observation, roughly 70% of the fire’s perimeter is no longer growing due to creeks 6-10 feet wide creating a natural barrier. The entire north and northeast sides of the fire look to be held up on creeks of this size, and the sections of perimeter left burning are expected to run into similar streams that will halt growth within the next several days. Residents in Southwest Alaska may see smoke in the King Salmon area due to this fire. We will continue to monitor this incident and further updates will be issued.
Map of Katmai National Park and Preserve that shows the location of the Contact Creek Fire, 2022
Map showing location of Contact Creek Fire


Contact Creek Fire (June 3, 2022 update)

Smoke Information

Smoke from the Contact Creek Fire is currently visible in King Salmon, due to a slight shift in the wind direction. The western side of the fire has largely not moved in the last two days, and the fire is not any closer to King Salmon.

The Contact Creek Fire (#151), burning 40 miles southeast of King Salmon, started on May 29, 2022. The fire continues to be monitored by National Park Service and Alaska Division of Forestry personnel as it burns in a limited management area in Katmai National Park & Preserve. The fire is currently estimated to be 3,439 acres in size and will continue to grow due to the lack of rain and the availability of sun dried ground fuels. However, even a small amount of rain would help to halt fire growth as the tundra at depth is still retaining moisture from the winter. At the most recent aerial survey, the fire perimeter was 60% active. The fire is burning in approximately the top three inches of vegetation where conditions have dried and is considered a “shallow burn.”

The fire is twenty miles from the nearest native allotment. Crews have finished wrapping a Remote Automated Weather System (RAWS) located approximately 1.5 miles from the fire in protective structure wrap to reduce the impacts of the fire if it should it reach the weather system. Regular aerial surveillance will occur and updates will be posted to as new details or images become available.
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The National Park Service continues to monitor and respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, working closely with the NPS Office of Public Health to use the latest science to guide our decision making. Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, partners, volunteers, and park visitors.

Masks are optional when visiting Katmai at this time. We encourage people to social distance whenever possible and use the hand sanitizing stations that are available throughout Brooks Camp.

Katmai staff will continue to monitor all park functions to ensure that we are following CDC guidance for mitigating risks associated with the transmission of COVID-19 and take any additional steps necessary to protect public health. Find more information about the National Park Service’s response and operations at NPS Public Health Update (U.S. National Park Service).

Be sure to continue to monitor this page prior to your trip as we expect changes throughout the summer. We look forward to welcoming you and working together to recreate responsibly.

Last updated: June 13, 2022

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